Open face helmets balance style with protection

Open face helmets balance style with protection

Even though the best open face helmets balance style with protection, wearing a full-face helmet when riding your Vespa scooter is just common sense- it offers you the maximum amount of protection, so that you can ride in safety. Particularly with the modern, larger Vespa engines, but also at slower speeds, your face and teeth won’t be much match for any road debris such as asphalt. However, most people don’t choose a scooter with safety in mind, since driving a car is much less dangerous, and they therefore neglect the fact that they will need some extra protection. They think that an open face helmet  “brain-bucket” will do, whereas this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Davida manufactures superior quality luxury handmade open face helmets in the UK. Their helmets offer a comfortable balanced fit balanced with good protection. The helmets are both stylish and durable and come with a leather lining which provides durability and easy maintenance.  Jet Davida helmets are available in three shell sizes plus three liner sizes, providing for a total of six size combinations. The size combinations provide the rider with a snug fit along the contours of the head, and more than 100 different color combinations.

Biltwell Helmets produces the well priced Bonanza line of helmets, an open face helmet offering both looks and protection. The Bonanza helmet features a custom-shaped EPS safety shell with a hand-stitched removable liner. The moisture wicking brushed lycra panels and open-cell foam padding offer breath-ability and comfort.

 Bell Helmets, the veteran on the block, re-introduced the custom 500 helmet, a throwback to the original 1954 “500” helmet.  The retro design and  Bell’s modern protective technology  bring the design up-to-date. The Custom 500 as become so popular that it is now available in three editions, Custom 500, Custom 500 Special Edition and a new Custom 500 Carbon which features a composite carbon shell.

The T50 helmet is a throw back to the classic low sitting, super-slim open face design.  The T50 comes with an ultra suede liner which  looks and feels like real leather and helps wicks away moisture.  Torc philosophy is that riders shouldn’t have to pick quality and cool, instead of price, and set out to create a lifestyle brand focused on the most important price points. They’ve achieved their mission by offering affordable quality helmets with stylish cool looks.

   Last on the list is the made in Paris, Ruby Pavillion, a boutique open face helmet with a high retail price point, around to $1000. These lids are assembled from  the best quality materials with strict attention paid to every detail. Despite the boutique label and beautiful aesthetics, the helmets offer serious protection.  In early 2016 Studio Pilot, the manufacture of Ruby helmets went bankrupt and was liquidated. The company has since been acquired and will hopefully maintain the Ruby label and quality.


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