Bike VS. Scooter

Bike VS. Scooter

The basic difference goes as:

• Scooters are a form of motorbikes with a frame that allows riders to plant feet comfortably on the frame as against keeping legs sideways in motorbikes.

• Another difference between scooter and motorbike lies in the lack of clutch and gears in scooters which are there in motorbikes. Scooters are mostly auto-geared.

• To be street legal, both motorbikes and scooters need to have taillights, headlights, directional signals, and mirrors.

• Some types of motorbikes are Hero Honda, Harley Davidson, and Suzuki. Some types of scooters are TVS, Vespa, and Honda Bravo.

• A scooter is considered a light weight vehicle and sometimes can be difficult to control. A motorbike is not considered a light weight vehicle.

• Traditionally, motorbikes have larger engines than scooter. As a result, they can travel onfreeways maintaining the highway speed. However, scooters come with smaller engines. Some modern scooters come with larger engines that allow the scooters to travel on freeways. Nevertheless, the majority of scooters are only allowed to travel on normal streets.

• Also, when it comes to the names used for a motorbike, there are some interesting facts. In countries such as India when you say bike that is a reference to motorbike. Not to the bicycle. Even, in Middle East, you can see this trend. In countries such as US, people may use the word motorcycle or motorbike or bike to refer to the motorbike. However, a scooter is known as a scooter anywhere.

• Scooters are more popular among women and elderly whereas youngsters, especially boys prefer motorbikes.